Most West Hills Wildcats take the 9th grade PE class as part of their regular school day at the school. Jordan School District offers 2 options for next year's 9th grade students who wish to open up their schedule for another half of an elective credit, Summer PE! There are two options; a summer class at West Hills Middle or an online class thorugh Jordan Students Connect. The options are explained in the link below, "Summer PST Options 2016-17." We also have the handout with the steps to sign up for the summer class at West Hills under the link, "PST Online Registration Info 2016-17."

*** PST stand for Participation Skills & Techniques

If you have questions, please call the Counseling Center at 801.412.2315.

What are my options for summer PST (9th grade PE)?

How do I register for the summer class that will be taught at West Hills Middle School during the summer?

How do I register for the class that I can take online?