Reality Town

Reality Town 2016
Thursday, October 6th

Do you wish someone had clued you in to the realities of life when you were a Freshman? That's what we try to do with Reality Town.

Reality Town is a simulation of life events. Students are given a career and income based on their GPA and need to learn to budget for all of life's necessities: place to live, transportation, medical expenses, etc. This is done with a lot of help from parent and community volunteers. Each year we look for around 50 volunteers to make Reality Town a success. Last year we had a tremendous amount of help and surpassed the 50 volunteers. We are very grateful to the community for all the help and support. If you are interested in helping this year, please give us a call, 801-412-2315, or fill out the volunteer form through the google form below!

Thanks so much for all your support!